Heartbleed – Stay safe

A quick note on Heartbleed. You may have read about Heartbleed. Rest assured that the 45RPMSoftware website has been patched to remove the Heartbleed vulnerability.

Please take a moment though to change your passwords on this, and every other website that you visit, in order to ensure that your personal information remains secure.

It is worth remembering a few simple rules about passwords:

  1. Make them long and complicated. Perhaps use a sentence that you can remember easily, but which cannot be easily guessed.
  2. Don’t use the same password for multiple websites. Best practice should be a different password for all websites but, at the very least, ensure that your passwords for any websites that might store banking information (shopping, banking etc) are different.
  3. Rotate as often as you feel is practicable.
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A rather special website…

The internet is full of oddities and wonders, from the educational to the appalling – and sometimes both educational and appalling at the same time.  Little wonder then that television is feeling the pinch – the internet has sites at least as entertaining, but with interactivity to ensure that the consumer (that’d be all of us) doesn’t become a dribbling moron in the process.  That’s the theory, anyway. Continue reading

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Convert64 now available on the Mac App Store

Have you ever needed to find out what type a file really is? Perhaps the file has lost its extension – and the contents are now a mystery to you. Is it a jpeg? Is it a zip? Is it a Word document? Nobody knows – until now. Convert64, when running on Mac OS X 10.7 ‘Lion’ or newer, can tell you. Continue reading

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The Raspberry Pi case designed by Apple

When my old Apple Mighty mouse got gummed up, I bought an Apple Magic mouse to replace it. It wasn’t that the old mouse was completely useless, it still worked up to a point – it’s just that the scroll functionality didn’t.

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Creative – Bas Vellekoop

What was your first Mac?
I came to the Mac quite recently. My first Mac was a MacBook Pro mid 2009. I had been making music with PCs for many years, sampling and experimenting with music, but I discovered that if I took my PC on stage and one of the USB cables fell out, perhaps because someone tripped over it, the program would crash and I’d have to reboot the entire machine. With the MacBook Pro, just the device that was unplugged stopped working – and if I plugged it back in again it would start working again without having to restart the program, let alone reboot the system.  That’s the only reason I bought the MacBook Pro – I’ve never been in favour of Macs or PCs.  It was a very practical stage reliability reason why I moved to the Macintosh. Continue reading

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Did you ever play FizzBuzz? If you didn’t, it’s a drinking game. That’s how I learned it, anyway.

It’s a counting game, and the rules are simple enough. Everyone sits in a circle and takes it in turn to say the next number, starting from one and ending at 100. The catch is that if the number is divisible by three the player says Fizz instead of the number, and if the number is divisible by five the player says Buzz. If the number is divisible by three and five the player says FizzBuzz. The penalty for miscounting, mis-fizzing or mis-buzzing is, predictably, a drink. Easy? Surprisingly not, and really rather hard after a skinful.

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Happy Birthday, Mac

It’s thirty years since the Mac first went on sale, and twenty-two years since I replaced my MS-DOS PC with one.

It wasn’t that Macs were unknown to me, my uncle had had a succession of Macs (starting with a Mac 128k) by the time I woke up to the revolution. One of my dad’s friends had a demon fast IIfx (paid for by his work, the lucky devil). My dad was firmly in the Microsoft camp though, and that informed my own computing choices.
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The Xcode 4 Cookbook

The Xcode 4 Cookbook (by Stephen F. Daniel) is the most misleadingly named titled that I’ve read in a while. If you’re after an Xcode 4 Cookbook and you’re planning a little Mac OS X development then, make no mistake, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re after an iOS Cookbook (that name is already taken hence, I suppose, this title) then read on – this book might be right up your street.

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Customise your Mac – with USBleat

Everyone likes to customise their Mac, perhaps by sticking a sticker or two on its body, or at least with individual screen-savers or wallpaper. Now there’s a new option for customising you Mac, making it your very own. USBleat.

On the face of it, USBleat is a simple customisation App. Install it, plug in a USB device, and your Mac will bleat (or moo, or bray…) at you. Plug in a whole hubful of devices and it’ll be like the entire farmyard has landed on your desk!

More usefully, USBleat represents your USB device tree in the menubar. So if you want to know where a device is plugged in you can look in the menu – no more hunting through the spaghetti of hubs and cables on your desk. Once you’ve found your device in the menus, click on it and USBleat will tell you about it.

It doesn’t stop there either – USBleat Pro will be available shortly, which can itself be customised. USBleat Pro has more options (and sounds) available ‘out of the box’, and additional packs can be downloaded – just in case the farm yard isn’t your thing, or if you’d like something a little more useful than a fun sound effect.

USBleat is available now (for free) on the Mac App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/app/usbleat/id657950431?mt=12)
USBleat Pro will be available soon, subject to review by Apple.

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The Meaning of Liff

Ambridge (n.)
Indecisiveness brought on by a lack of concern for the actual outcome.

Borchester (n.)
The peculiar form of bloated heartburn engendered by eating too many potatoes too quickly.

Felpersham (n.)
The feeling you get on realising that the driver of the car that you are travelling in is an Archers addict, and the time is swiftly approaching 7PM.


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