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My name is Pascal Harris. I used to earn my living as a software developer but, since being promoted to Development Manager, I now program in my spare time just for the joy of coding.

Before I was paid to manage, I was paid to code in C, C++ (although I confess that my C++ bears more resemblance to C than anything else), PL/SQL, Pascal, and even APL was not unknown. I developed for VMS, Unix (and Linux) and Windows - but, oddly enough, not for the Mac!

In 2012 I was privileged to win an industry award, a Network Hero, for my work on a high performance network forensics system.

I hand craft HTML and PHP (using Espresso, Flux and BBEdit - three very good reasons to own a Mac!). Most of all though, I like to code in Xcode using Objective C.

In addition to programming, I'm interested in graphic design (all the icons that you see in 45RPM software were designed by me), photography, travel, classic cars, flying gliders, politics and history. My spare time is occupied by my family, graphic design, painting and mucking around with my old car.

Feel free to e-mail me using the link at the bottom of this page.

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