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Bill’s Will

I went to an excellent boarding school called Adams’ Grammar School.  It was nothing like Hogwarts – in fact, to pinch an elegant turn of phrase from Guy Ellis, it was more like a Borstall run by Liberals.  In the … Continue reading

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Innecto now ported to macOS

It’s been a struggle. It’s been a trial.  But Innecto has now been ported to macOS.  If you’ve got a Mac (any kind, as long as it’s running macOS 10.10 or newer) then you can enjoy Innecto on your desktop or … Continue reading

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45RPM Software News

There’s lots of news for 45RPM Software this month.  New releases, and a Facebook business page set up for us by our Facebook communications director, Sue deNym (I know, I know!) Check out the Facebook page (link at the bottom … Continue reading

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What shall we do about the UK Population?

The population of our country is too high, and getting higher every day. Our environmental impact is too large, and getting greater by the day. The two are connected. The more people we have in this country, the greater the … Continue reading

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A Clock For Your micro:bit

I was very dismissive of the BBC micro:bit when I first read about it.  A sub-RaspberryPi computer which cost more than the RaspberryPi Zero?  Really?  And if the measure of a computer’s power is what you can achieve with it, the … Continue reading

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And they’re back!

So, the ride is over – and, as you may have read in Sarah’s excellent blog post, I crossed the line having omitted only one stage (which, given the atrocious conditions with strong head winds, I don’t feel at all … Continue reading

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Only 5 More Days to Go…

With about five days left until the big event, I’m trying to be sanguine about my chances. Deep down I’m thinking “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit – what have I signed up for?”, and those deep down voices are … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on eating

My cousin ( has gone vegan in the last year. Not mad militant vegan (at least, she hasn’t tried to bust my balls for the diet I have, and I saw her drinking wine without checking to see if it … Continue reading

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An Excellent New Jersey

Desperately in need of a new cycling jersey, I decided to have one made which reflected something of my personality. Something whimsical, geeky and steampunk. Something to do with computers, perhaps. Something with my number one heroine on it. Hmm.

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Devon Coast to Coast

Back on my bike again, the Lifeboat Patrol rides from Ilfracombe to Plymouth, with a stop off at Okehampton in the middle. Nineteen riders started, and nineteen riders finished (although one did have a little rest along the way), and … Continue reading

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