Man vs Coast 2019


Only 3 days to go until Pascal sets off on his latest crazy stunt. Sim will be setting the pace having proved that 73 miles is within the limits of his legs. (I’m still bloody impressed by Pascal’s 43 miles!)

We’re doing last minute logistics planning, agreeing a run-fuelling flapjack recipe that I can cook at my mum’s whilst we are currently kitchenless and flapping a large paper OS map around to work out where the kids and I can cheer them on during the race. Continue reading “Man vs Coast 2019”


At 22:03, Pascal finished. He’s exhausted (obviously) but so pleased to have completed the entire event. Apparently his friends have forgiven him. From what I hear, they got it out of their system early on (cathartic mutterings of “Pascal the ****”) and were ready with celebratory hugs at the finish.

His first words one the phone were “Remind me that I don’t want to do this again.” A bit later on he admitted that he’s still very tempted by this Coast to Coast event. Not this year though. *phew*

He’s stretched and he’s off for a shower. And hot food. And more stretching. And beer. And sleep.

Congratulations, to my husband and his brave friends. An amazing result.