Devon Coast to Coast

Back on my bike again, the Lifeboat Patrol rides from Ilfracombe to Plymouth, with a stop off at Okehampton in the middle. Nineteen riders started, and nineteen riders finished (although one did have a little rest along the way), and we were joined by two support drivers to sweep up any stragglers, and to provide assistance in the event of any problems. Continue reading “Devon Coast to Coast”

Thame 10k

I am not, as I may have mentioned previously, a runner. I don’t like it. I’m slow, it feels uncomfortable, and insufficient ground is covered for it to be interesting. Walking I like, because I can look around and take pictures. Cycling I like, because I can cover distances. But running falls uncomfortably between those two stools – too fast for photography, and too slow to actually get anywhere. Continue reading “Thame 10k”

Night Rider

On the 20th August, in Lincolnshire, twilight ends and night starts in earnest at 21:45. The night ends, and twilight begins, at 4:26. It may still be dark in the twilight but the glimmerings of the sun (and hope) will be visible. It does, of course, mean that for six and a half long hours Martin and I will be riding in the inky black – the route lit only by our lights, the spread out twinkling of other cyclists, glow sticks (we’re told), and the glare of the occasional passing HGV. Continue reading “Night Rider”

Happy Birthday, Mac

It’s thirty years since the Mac first went on sale, and twenty-two years since I replaced my MS-DOS PC with one.

It wasn’t that Macs were unknown to me, my uncle had had a succession of Macs (starting with a Mac 128k) by the time I woke up to the revolution. One of my dad’s friends had a demon fast IIfx (paid for by his work, the lucky devil). My dad was firmly in the Microsoft camp though, and that informed my own computing choices.
Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Mac”