Change to 45RPM Software, Part 2

I have a couple of problems.  I’m short on cash – and, in these recession hit times, aren’t we all.  I’m also short on time – which is a nuisance for everyone who uses my software because it means that I can’t provide you with the support that you deserve.  I have few ideas which might help me solve these problems – and you can explore them from the labs page. Continue reading “Change to 45RPM Software, Part 2”

Change to 45RPM Software

Money is tight, and the recession is an absolute swine. Up to now I have always resisted adverts on my site – I feel that it cheapens my ‘brand’.
Every little helps though, and I am now seriously considering putting ‘adsense’ on the 45RPMSoftware website – and maybe the blog too.
Before I do though, I’d welcome your thoughts. How would it change your perception of my site and the products that are available here*? Is there a way of adding advertising without devaluing the brand? Your thoughts and opinions would be most welcome.


*don’t worry – the apps will still be advert free!