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What shall we do about the UK Population?

The population of our country is too high, and getting higher every day. Our environmental impact is too large, and getting greater by the day. The two are connected. The more people we have in this country, the greater the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Brexit

I’m proud of what Great Britain has accomplished, which is why I was pleased that Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. I can understand why some might not have wanted to, and I think that Scotland needs … Continue reading

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The Tragic Verdict of Anthony Hilson and Victoria McClure

I have been following the case of Victoria McClure with interest, and I was dismayed by the CTC’s article in response to it (by Rhia Weston, here). It seems to me that the article shows a lack of joined-up thinking, … Continue reading

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Manifesto, the Lords (Politics #2)

Back in 2005, I blogged that I’d write up my dream party manifesto – and then I failed to write a single, solitary, sodding word.  In some ways, therefore, I think that I’ve performed rather better than Her Majesties Government … Continue reading

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A Nuclear Future

There is no dispute that coal is a dirty fuel and also that coal generates radioactive byproducts too – radioactive byproducts which are largely vented into the atmosphere. But here’s the thing – you can’t actually make a bomb, dirty … Continue reading

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Public Transport

Let’s get the positive stuff out of the way first. I like trains, provided that I can get a seat.  I especially like long train journeys in first class – I get a reasonable cup of tea, a fairly peaceful … Continue reading

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Dear Jacques

This is an open letter of thanks to Jacques Chirac. I publish it here so that the good people of the world can see for themselves how indebted I feel towards him.  If you can’t remember this particular storm in … Continue reading

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A Little Rant About Consumerism

As someone who is opposed to rampant consumerism, I’m a little perplexed by this site – SmashMyIpod. My view is as follows. If you need something, then buy it. And once you’ve purchased it, use it until it dies of … Continue reading

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WiFi Piracy

There has been litigation, on both sides of the atlantic, to punish individuals who use unsecured wireless networks. What a waste of time – and how unfair for the poor buggers that get caught.

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Grand Theft Auto

All this fuss about a bit of sex in a 18 rated video game. Ridiculous. Sex is good – it’s fun. I imagine that the scenes in GTA aren’t entirely normal – I imagine that they’re rather twisted. But sod … Continue reading

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