Humble Pie

I was browsing through an old MacUser (16 November 2001) when I came across a letter deriding the iPod as another ‘cube’.  I chortled heartily at this, but my laughter froze in my throat as I read the next letter on the page.  It described the iPod as a ‘poxy Rio clone’, ‘a wasted opportunity’ and unable to ‘outperform my minidisc player’. Unfortunately the shortsighted fool that wrote the letter was me.

I’d like to take this opportunity to eat my words. I love my ‘poxy Rio clone’.  Since I bought mine many of my friends and family have done so too, and they love theirs as well.  I was wrong, and I apologise for my rudeness to Apple. As for my minidisc player, I have no idea where that is. Scrap probably.

I might even remember this humbling lesson and buy a Mac Mini.  Maybe not.  After all, it doesn’t have enough graphics memory and it is just a poxy clone of the Cappuccino PC. Ahem.