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Switching. Such a little word, and it makes it sound so easy. All you have to do is buy a Mac, copy your files over, and your done. Easy as that, you have a new computer. Except that this is very much a best-case scenario and things are never that simple in ‘real life’.

Take e-mail for example. On your old PC you diligently saved the email that you cared about by dragging it to your desktop. Easy. And when you wanted to open it, you just double clicked on the email icon and there it was.

So you switched to a Mac, copying all those e-mail files, and now you want to read one. No problem. You open the folder and… wait a minute… here is the first clue that something might be amiss because all the email icons have gone, replaced by generic document icons. Never mind, it’s a minor thing. You double click and… Nothing. You can’t read the email. Damn.

Is all lost? Have you lost those emails? Have you lost the attachments? No. Not a bit of it. Just visit the App Store and search for ‘MailRaider’ (or ‘Microsoft Outlook msg’, if you want to check out the competition too.) Download MailRaider and try double clicking on that Outlook file again. Hey Presto. Problem solved, and for the unbeatable price of Absolutely Free. You’re all quite welcome.

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Change to 45RPM Software, Part 2

I have a couple of problems.  I’m short on cash – and, in these recession hit times, aren’t we all.  I’m also short on time – which is a nuisance for everyone who uses my software because it means that I can’t provide you with the support that you deserve.  I have few ideas which might help me solve these problems – and you can explore them from the labs page. Continue reading “Change to 45RPM Software, Part 2”