Customise your Mac – with USBleat

Everyone likes to customise their Mac, perhaps by sticking a sticker or two on its body, or at least with individual screen-savers or wallpaper. Now there’s a new option for customising you Mac, making it your very own. USBleat.

On the face of it, USBleat is a simple customisation App. Install it, plug in a USB device, and your Mac will bleat (or moo, or bray‚Ķ) at you. Plug in a whole hubful of devices and it’ll be like the entire farmyard has landed on your desk!

More usefully, USBleat represents your USB device tree in the menubar. So if you want to know where a device is plugged in you can look in the menu – no more hunting through the spaghetti of hubs and cables on your desk. Once you’ve found your device in the menus, click on it and USBleat will tell you about it.

It doesn’t stop there either – USBleat Pro will be available shortly, which can itself be customised. USBleat Pro has more options (and sounds) available ‘out of the box’, and additional packs can be downloaded – just in case the farm yard isn’t your thing, or if you’d like something a little more useful than a fun sound effect.

USBleat is available now (for free) on the Mac App Store (
USBleat Pro will be available soon, subject to review by Apple.