Creative – Bas Vellekoop

What was your first Mac?
I came to the Mac quite recently. My first Mac was a MacBook Pro mid 2009. I had been making music with PCs for many years, sampling and experimenting with music, but I discovered that if I took my PC on stage and one of the USB cables fell out, perhaps because someone tripped over it, the program would crash and I’d have to reboot the entire machine. With the MacBook Pro, just the device that was unplugged stopped working – and if I plugged it back in again it would start working again without having to restart the program, let alone reboot the system.  That’s the only reason I bought the MacBook Pro – I’ve never been in favour of Macs or PCs.  It was a very practical stage reliability reason why I moved to the Macintosh. Continue reading “Creative – Bas Vellekoop”


Did you ever play FizzBuzz? If you didn’t, it’s a drinking game. That’s how I learned it, anyway.

It’s a counting game, and the rules are simple enough. Everyone sits in a circle and takes it in turn to say the next number, starting from one and ending at 100. The catch is that if the number is divisible by three the player says Fizz instead of the number, and if the number is divisible by five the player says Buzz. If the number is divisible by three and five the player says FizzBuzz. The penalty for miscounting, mis-fizzing or mis-buzzing is, predictably, a drink. Easy? Surprisingly not, and really rather hard after a skinful.

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