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Convert64 now available on the Mac App Store

Have you ever needed to find out what type a file really is? Perhaps the file has lost its extension – and the contents are now a mystery to you. Is it a jpeg? Is it a zip? Is it … Continue reading

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The Raspberry Pi case designed by Apple

When my old Apple Mighty mouse got gummed up, I bought an Apple Magic mouse to replace it. It wasn’t that the old mouse was completely useless, it still worked up to a point – it’s just that the scroll … Continue reading

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Creative – Bas Vellekoop

What was your first Mac? I came to the Mac quite recently. My first Mac was a MacBook Pro mid 2009. I had been making music with PCs for many years, sampling and experimenting with music, but I discovered that … Continue reading

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Did you ever play FizzBuzz? If you didn’t, it’s a drinking game. That’s how I learned it, anyway. It’s a counting game, and the rules are simple enough. Everyone sits in a circle and takes it in turn to say … Continue reading

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