The Managers Guide to Employee Feedback

The Managers Guide to Employee Feedback by Glenn Devey is essential reading for all managers, no matter how experienced you believe you are. Even as a manager of seven years I found the tips in this book to be useful, backed up as they are by real-life examples. In fact, I’ve been on management training courses that weren’t as well considered or developed as this little book. Continue reading “The Managers Guide to Employee Feedback”

Attracting IT Graduates to Your Business

I wish An Coppens all the best, of course, but I’m at a loss as to the purpose of her book ‘Attracting IT Graduates to Your Business‘. Much of the focus, at least in terms of examples given, is on mega-business. Microsoft. Google. Facebook. That’s all very well but, if you’re hiring for a mega-business then these tips are already likely to be ingrained into your company culture – and, if you’re not, then you probably can’t afford to hire in quite the same way that they do. That’s not to say that a small business can’t attract excellent graduates, of course, just that they techniques that they’ll need to use are rather different. Continue reading “Attracting IT Graduates to Your Business”