Thoughts on Brexit

I’m proud of what Great Britain has accomplished, which is why I was pleased that Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. I can understand why some might not have wanted to, and I think that Scotland needs greater autonomy (as do England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and their regions), but we are greater than the sum of our parts. Continue reading “Thoughts on Brexit”

Evans’ Reading Sportive

The Reading Sportive was hugely entertaining, well staffed, and attended by some thoroughly nice cyclists. I had plenty of company for the first stage of about 19 miles, rather less company for the second stage of 19 miles – and rode the whole of the last stage (25 miles) alone bar the final 2 miles. I had a very nice conversation with a chap called David (from Kingston), reassurance on the route from two nice ladies who had rather more confidence in the pink Evans signs than I did (there was some serious divergence from the published sat-nav route) and a tissue on which to blow my nose from a pretty girl at the first rest stop. See? Thoroughly nice all round. Continue reading “Evans’ Reading Sportive”