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And they’re back!

So, the ride is over – and, as you may have read in Sarah’s excellent blog post, I crossed the line having omitted only one stage (which, given the atrocious conditions with strong head winds, I don’t feel at all … Continue reading

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And they’re off!

So, Ride24 has started. Weather warnings aside, Pascal and Martin are riding and only have 315 miles to go (though hopefully a lot less by the time you read this). They look pretty fresh-faced on the starting line, even (dare I … Continue reading

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“Nervous as hell!”

In less than 12 hours, Pascal and Martin will be underway on the ride of their life! Pascal has just rung home after a last minute bit of serious ride prep (see the photo) to steady their nerves for a 9am start. … Continue reading

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Only 5 More Days to Go…

With about five days left until the big event, I’m trying to be sanguine about my chances. Deep down I’m thinking “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit – what have I signed up for?”, and those deep down voices are … Continue reading

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Radio interview – Listen to this!

Pascal will be thrilled to see this link posted as he found the whole Radio interview experience excruciatingly embarrassing after answering a simple question incorrectly (“My head had the right answered cued up but my mouth said something else.”) and feeling … Continue reading

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