A Pox on Multiplexes

A pox on all Multiplexes. They’re ruinously ugly, uncomfortable, purveyors of the worst kind of dreck. It’s true, I suppose, that they occasionally show a film worth watching – but even then they manage to badly mess up the experience.

You might grumble about having to pay extra for 3D glasses. My grumble is that the hellish Multiplexes ruin a good film BY PLAYING THE SOUNDTRACK AT ANTISOCIALLY LOUD VOLUMES. Why? I’m not deaf. Nor do I wish to be. Are they planning on charging extra for ear-defenders in the near future? Or hearing aids for those customers whose hearing has been irrevocably buggered? Can we please have a campaign for cinemas to turn the bloody volume down before I turn into a curmudgeon. I’m not old enough for that yet.

Praise then to the Picturehouse and Screen chains and all ‘arthouse’ (I hate that term) cinemas. Small. Comfortable. Sociable. And sadly non-existent in south-east Hertfordshire.

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