Thursday 3rd July is Charity Day

If you purchase any 45RPMSoftware application on 3rd July 2014 100% of the profits for that day will go to charity.

Sarah’s (one half of 45RPM Software) father was diagnosed last year 167x187d13e00f2-34ca-4f20-973e-cb0c7c9fd179with Cancer and Parkinson’s Disease after he took a tumble whilst training for the Edinburgh marathon. It would have been his ninth marathon. The last year has been pretty hard for him and his recent prognosis of only a few months to live means that this is his last chance to see her take part in a running event. Sarah has been training for a few months now and she’s in good shape to complete a 10k run, but she really wants to make it count so she’s decided to raise some money for the various charities linked to her dad’s conditions. If any of the organisations described below sound worthwhile to you please help them with their work by throwing some coins in the collecting tin.

Bowel Cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in the UK and takes more lives than any other cancer. The survival rate is around 60% with one person dying every half hour. Only a small percentage of the multi-million pound cancer research funds go to bowel cancer so any extra funding can make a real difference to current and future bowel cancer sufferers.

Parkinson’s Disease has complicated the treatment of the cancer. It’s hard to be mobile during chemotherapy treatment when you can’t balance properly and your limbs freeze sporadically. Depression is a common symptom which doesn’t help you face the effects of the chemo. Cancer also speeds up the rate of onset of Parkinson’s symptoms. All in all, not a great combination. Parkinson’s UK provides support and helps to fund research into a disease which affects 1 in 500 people in the UK.

Macmillan Cancer Support does an outstanding job supporting the patients and their carers. Both of Sarah’s parents have been hugely grateful for the support of their “cancer nurse” who has provided the right information when they needed it and sometimes just a shoulder to cry on. They cannot be praised highly enough.

Email this to friends. Share it on facebook. Tweet it. The more people who know the bigger the difference that we can make.

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