But what about the cake?

I code. I love coding (mostly). Honestly, sometimes coding annoys the living daylights out of me. I want to tear my hair out. I need a break. And what could be a better break than a cup of tea? Of course, you need something to eat with a cup of tea – and what could be a better tea snack than cake?

I make cake. I love cake (eating it mostly). And, just so that you don’t think me entirely one-dimensional, I thought I might share my adventures with sugary iced snacks.

Some cake is more succesful than others.  This cake, ‘the taTartyBriderty bride’ is absolutely my favourite.  It’s a basic fruit cake, with marzipan skin and a fondant icing dress.  I made it for my wife’s birthday, just before we got married.




ShipMy next favourite cake is this chocolate pirate ship, made for my eldest son’s birthday.  The cake was made for my wife, the decoration was done by me.  The icing is chocolate butter icing, on a fondant sea, with the attack being carried out by the evil marzipan kraken. The cannons, I suspect, might shatter if any attempt is made to fire the malteaser cannon balls – especially since the cannon balls are rather too large for the cannon’s bore.  How far do you think that the pirate will be able to swim before the kraken notices him?




Frog2Next up is this frog, made for my youngest child.  We were just surprised he didn’t ask for a horse.  Again, the cake was made by my wife, and the decoration was done by me. It’s fondant icing all the way here – except for the eyes and feet, which are made out of marzipan.  Have you spotted a theme here?




FishSlightly less inspired, but easier to make, is this fish.  The chocolate icing is decorated with sugar coated chocolate sweets (absolutely not Smarties, not after the way Nestlé wrecked Rowntree), and jelly oranges and lemons.  Surprisingly, no marzipan.




I hope that you enjoyed this break from your usual program (sic).

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