Think… Exactly The Same

Apple is moving to Intel?  It’s a sad day for so many reasons.  I’ve scratched my head in bewilderment at many of Apple’s crazy moves in the past, and those crazy moves have turned out okay.  I don’t see how this one can amount to anything more than a kick in the nuts to Mac users though.

PowerPC was a great architecture, and competition with it gave Intel a reason to make their processors better.  More importantly, it prevented Windows users from installing OS X, thereby depriving Apple of its important hardware business.

Here’s to the boring ones.
The bland.
The tedious.
The vapid.
The square pegs in the square holes.
The ones who can’t see further than the ends of their noses.

They’re fond of rules.
And they worship Status Quo.
You can yawn at them, agree with them, forget them,
go along with them or be forced to accept them.
About the only thing you can’t do is have an alternative.

Because they keep things the same.
They stagnate. They hold back. They fester.
They decline. They expire.
They hold the human race back.

Maybe they have to be boring.
How else can you stare at Vin Diesel and see art
Or listen to Britney Spears and hear beautiful music?
Or gaze at another country and want to conquer it?

We make tools for these kinds of people.
While some see them at the boring ones, we see them as a ticket to a fat back hander.

Because the people who are boring enough to the think they can hold the world back, are the ones who inherit the earth.

Apple. Think uniformity.

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  1. Oops, I did it again. Soothsayering is clearly not my forte. The move to Intel worked out very nicely (as had the move to PowerPC some ten years earlier – for the record, I didn’t think much of that move either at the time).
    If there’s one thing that I can learn from this, it is that Apple is not afraid to burn its old bridges – as long as it has built a nice new bridge elsewhere first. Who knows? Perhaps Apple will wave goodbye to Intel too, at some point.

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