Thame 10k

I am not, as I may have mentioned previously, a runner. I don’t like it. I’m slow, it feels uncomfortable, and insufficient ground is covered for it to be interesting. Walking I like, because I can look around and take pictures. Cycling I like, because I can cover distances. But running falls uncomfortably between those two stools – too fast for photography, and too slow to actually get anywhere.

Nevertheless, and because my friends were doing it, I ran the Thame 10K (just as I did last year, and doubtless will again next year). Mike Kirkham and Terry Lugg were absolute legends, providing me with excellent company and good conversation as I plodded round. I’m sure that I can’t be the only ‘runner’ who has this mantra:

‘I’ll run the first three k, and then I’ll have a little walk’.
Three k comes, and goes – and I run on, surprised, ‘I’ll be okay – I can have a little walk at four k’.
Four k comes, and I run on thinking ‘Perhaps if I walk at five k’.

And so on. Eventually, at eight k, I do have a little walk – and I wish I hadn’t. I convinced myself that I needed to walk – but, if I’m honest, and with hindsight, I didn’t really. I was fine – the evidence being my sprint over the finish line. I should have kept running, and now I’m kicking myself a little that I didn’t. I finished in 1 hour 3 minutes, which I’m pleased with (even if most people were a lot faster), but I’m sure I could have posted a time under the hour if I’d just showed a little more dedication.

Sarah completed just behind me – but, to my great regret, I missed her victorious final sprint.  I thought she was further behind me and my addled, post-run, brain had decided, rather than wait at the finishing line, to. er.  ahem. Go for a little run!

I did enjoy the barbecue afterward though!

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