Radio interview – Listen to this!

Pascal will be thrilled to see this link posted as he found the whole Radio interview experience excruciatingly embarrassing after answering a simple question incorrectly (“My head had the right answered cued up but my mouth said something else.”) and feeling slightly flustered from then on.

Here is the link to the interview. It starts at around 17 and a half minutes in and runs until about 30 minutes.

John Griff

Enjoy!! His veteran cyclist mother gets her 15 minutes of fame for her amazing bike ride crossing the USA from the north to the south a few years ago. 🙂

If you’re feeling tempted to sponsor and haven’t done it yet, please do. Here are the links again (Parkinsons first and then The British Heart Foundation)

Thank you to everyone who has supported Pascal with donations or good luck messages so far. Believe me when I say that every bit of encouragement helps. He and his fellow-rider, Martin, are both starting to feel a little unnerved by what they’ve taken on, despite months of training, hours of saddle time and hundreds spent on new bike gear!

Good luck Pascal and Martin!

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