Grand Theft Auto

All this fuss about a bit of sex in a 18 rated video game. Ridiculous. Sex is good – it’s fun. I imagine that the scenes in GTA aren’t entirely normal – I imagine that they’re rather twisted. But sod it – as long as the sex being portrayed is consensual then that’s fine by me. I’d far rather that peopleĀ see sex than that they seeĀ one person killing or mutilating another. If GTA should be banned, it should be banned for the violence – not the rumpy pumpy.

That said, what I’d like most of all is a little bit of responsibility from parents. Children should not be allowed to watch films or see games rated for adults. Full stop, and no excuses. I’d also quite like to see music censored. It isn’t healthy for society to be filled with images of murder and drug abuse.

Sex is fine though.

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