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There’s lots of news for 45RPM Software this month.  New releases, and a Facebook business page set up for us by our Facebook communications director, Sue deNym (I know, I know!) Check out the Facebook page (link at the bottom of the page), and like and follow us for all the latest news on 45RPM Software’s newest and greatest releases.

Speaking of which…

MailRaider (both standard and Pro versions on macOS) have been upgraded to version 3.  The iOS version will be updated in due course as well.  MailRaider 3 looks the same as MailRaider 2, but has an all new engine underneath (and supports the touchbar on new MacBooks)  It’s well worth the update especially since the upgrade is free for all existing users of MailRaider.  Please note though that the standard version of MailRaider may not exist for much longer – MailRaider, even the Pro version, doesn’t make enough money to justify its continued development.  The sad truth is that most users don’t really seem to be willing to pay for software these days – which might not matter in the ‘Free’ segment, but is a crushing blow for developers of ‘pay for’ apps who try to provide excellent support to users.  The Pro version will continue to be offered, and both versions will receive support.

Innecto, the first game from 45RPM Software, is now available for iOS and a port to macOS is in the works.  Early versions for Windows and tvOS are also in development – but will only be completed if Innecto proves popular on the Mac and on iOS (and especially on iOS!)  I do hope that you enjoy it.

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    1. The latest version of MailRaider will work fine for macOS 10.9.5 (in fact, there are versions going all the way back to Panther – but, obviously, the latest version isn’t 10.3 compatible!). If you have any trouble, drop me a line.

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