Challenge 2018

This years Challenge is a big one, and not one that I think I’m entirely prepared for. Martin, my companion on the Newcastle to London 24 hour bike ride nearly two years ago (and sadly discontinued now) blazed a trail across the lake district last year on Man vs. Lakes 2017, and I’m joining him (with Sim, Angus, Robin, Jason, Hedges) this year.

There are a few snags to the plan.

Firstly, and owing to the vagaries of the tide and the quicksand on Morecambe Bay, the start time has been pushed back until 12:30 – which is a problem because we’ll be starting in the heat of the day, and also because I’d like to have as much time as possible to complete this run. A 9:30 start would suit me much better.

Secondly, my friends are all a lot fitter and faster than I am. I am very serious when I say that Top Gear Rules should apply – leave the slowest behind (me) and go for glory. I wouldn’t want to have a poor finishing time for my friends to be on my conscience.

So what time am I aiming to complete the 30 odd miles in? I honestly don’t know. I honestly don’t care. I just want to finish, under my own steam, before darkness falls (and the challenge ends)

I do have some strategy (other than the training that I’ve done – and I wouldn’t want you to think that I haven’t done any training). My cunning plan for the year is to pack my good trail shoes (Altra Lone Peak Zero Drop) in my rucksack, along with the toe socks that Sarah gave me (I’m hoping to minimise blistering by keeping my toes separated). I’ll run across Morecambe bay, through the sand, silt and salty water, in ancient socks and my ratty old Asics trainers. One last hurrah for the old Asics, and I’ll dispose of them at the first feed station, clean my feet and put on fresh toe socks and trail shoes for the rest of the run.

Hopefully Sarah will flex her blogging skills again, and put updates on my progress on this website.

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