Final prep for Man vs Lakes

Off they go. Pascal’s just had his final meal before heading up north to register for Man vs Lakes tomorrow.

A trip to the local pub for a Full English with extras. Some call it the breakfast of champions. Pascal’s calling it Fuel. It’ll certainly meet the carb and protein loading advice from friends and help to keep him going on his 32 mile “run”.

If you haven’t heard of Man vs Lakes (it’s all I’ve heard about since January), it’s a 12km run across Morecambe Bay while the tide is out followed by a quick vertical kilometre (!) and then more running, some swimming and few water obstacles (if there’s enough water). Hopefully crossing the finish line before the sun sets.

I asked Pascal for some final thoughts as he headed to his car. They were:

Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit

I’m pretty sure that the same thing is going through the heads of most of his group of eight friends right now.

All each of them wants to do is finish. Preferably with all their bits intact.

I’m looking forward to the tall tales and funny stories from all eight adventurous finishers when they get back.

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