The night before…

The brave (crazy?) boys have arrived at their campsite and feasted on spag bol to keep the carbs and proteins flowing.

They’re all looking relaxed and sharing top tips (don’t use a foot pump to blow up your mattress!) and cunning strategies (Pascal is changing out of his wet shoes after the Bay and then walking, not running, the vertical km). These could be called survival tactics.

The race organisers have confirmed that the distance will be 50km or 31miles so for most of the team it’s “only” 5 times the distance we ran in Thame last month. A breeze.

They also threw in some details about the finish line. To get to the finish, they’ll need to get up this ramp and then jump off. I guess they’re counting on the adrenaline rush they get from knowing it’s finally the end?

I wonder if that news is what drove them all to the pub. 😀

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