There were 7 on the bus…

And one is sleeping (possibly a cunning energy conservation strategy). The budget airline style coach is whisking them to the start line many many miles from their finish line campsite.

Pascal’s response to a 2am nightmare was to devise a new strategy: run a mile up the road from the campsite, hide in a bush, wait for the first elite athlete to come by (knackered) and then sprint past him to take first place like a hero. Panic comes in many forms apparently.

Some chilli sauce on a bacon sandwich has got him back on track this morning. And the team are looking good. Grumbles about the downsides of camping from some runners and having slept “rubbish” from others show clear signs that they are at the top of their game.

According to our guys in the field, the scenery is stunning and very lumpy. As I type, they’ve just arrived at the start line.

One hour until they set off and live tracking is available on the MvL site if you want to follow the runners. *drum roll*

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