Man vs Lakes 2018

Here’s the route they’ll be taking on today.

In case you are wondering, the black markers are extra treats for the runners – a swim, a kayak trip, a vertical kilometre (that’s immediately after the Bay).

The team started at 12:30 and soon after were (unsurprisingly) making their way as fast as possible across Morecambe Bay. Pascal said this Bay is not one for the Flat Earthers!

Pascal realised at the start line that he maybe-probably forgot his tracker so I’ll post updates for Pascal’s position hourly on here for as long as Find Friends can get me a signal.

1 hour and they’re through the wet stuff

Well, when I say through the wet stuff, clearly there is plenty more to come but none quite as big as M Bay. It looks as though the “it might be longer ‘cos of the tides” was absolutely right as they obviously took meandering and scenic route across the water.

All 7 of them are across the water and going strong. Keep going!

Top of the vertical kilometre

2 hours in and all the guys have made it up the vertical kilometre with some spectacular views as their reward.

The run across the bay was “fairly unpleasant” according to P. This sounds like an understatement to me. There was a marsh at the end which was very slippery to run through in trainers, instead of in trail shoes.

The trainers looked pretty grim at the end so he did a quick shoe shuffle before carrying on.

All in all it was a challenging first quarter of the route.

He’s roughly here and still enjoying it from the sound of his recent call. Phew.

Starting to struggle

The team have reached another rest stop so must be at around 23km (nearly half way!). They are starting to struggle. I had a phone update whilst they were drinking sugary cups of tea (“Heaven!”).

Robin had cramp which turned out to be highly infectious because Sim then got cramp. Offers to release it with massage were declined given the, er, awkward location. The cramp was bad enough that it sounds as though Sim is going to drop out and Robin may be following.

Pascal’s knee is really hurting, especially on the downhill sections but he wants to push on. The experienced MvL runner, Martin, is pretty relaxed and reassuring them about what’s normal. Normal includes all of this. Hedges is apparently fine but “sharing his feet” with the team. I’m not even sure what that means. 🙂

More struggles

Sim is waiting at the finish to cheer on the faster finishes and presumably drink some beer. Jase and Angus are approaching the end.

Pascal is flagging. I just got a message saying he’d skipped the obstacles because he is shattered and couldn’t keep up with his friends. My nearly worst fear was that he (or others) would be left trailing at the back of the pack on their own. I know from personal experience how much it crushes my spirit to be in that situation. I know he’s mentally tough (remember his 24 hour bike ride?) and hope he can keep himself going. Equally, if his body has reached its limit, I would love him to pay attention to that and live to see another healthy dawn. His dad has recently acquired a mobility scooter and I don’t want to see Pascal in one anytime soon.

Finishers and one still running

So my last post was nonsense. It’s amazing how easily a text can be misinterpreted, After all the talk of his sore knee and generally knackered state, when P sent a message saying he “couldn’t maintain the pace” so was on his own, I naturally assumed that he was at the back. Not true.

His friends were sticking together and keeping each other going with problems not to be shared here (what goes on tour…) but getting slower. Pascal really really wanted to finish. When he realised they were getting close to the cut off for the 35km marker and could potentially be pulled, he decided to shoot through the marker so that he had a chance to get to the end. He then realised he’d probably left his friends to get pulled off and was overcome by waves of what-have-a-I-done flavoured guilt.

His friends have finished now. All of them. He’s still out there. The course closes in 15 minutes and he’s still out there.

Somewhere here, but with the finish line in Coniston. Am I worried? You bet.

The end is in sight

Pascal’s just texted to say that he can see the finish. In my head that means he’s rounded the corner and is only a few hundred yards away.

Spot the finish in the accompanying picture.

See it? Nor me.

9 minutes to go. Will he make it?

No more kayaks

The black marker is the kayaks and the black cross is where I think he is with 5 minutes to go. I think kayaking is not on his agenda tonight.

Getting closer all the time

Pascal is still out there. I’m hoping any second to get a message from one of his friends to let me know he’s made it to the end.

The last position I have is here but I don’t know exactly where the finish is.

Damn, he’s determined. But I’m ageing fast.


At 22:03, Pascal finished. He’s exhausted (obviously) but so pleased to have completed the entire event. Apparently his friends have forgiven him. From what I hear, they got it out of their system early on (cathartic mutterings of “Pascal the ****”) and were ready with celebratory hugs at the finish.

His first words one the phone were “Remind me that I don’t want to do this again.” A bit later on he admitted that he’s still very tempted by this Coast to Coast event. Not this year though. *phew*

He’s stretched and he’s off for a shower. And hot food. And more stretching. And beer. And sleep.

Congratulations, to my husband and his brave friends. An amazing result.

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